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Disposing of waste is one of the most important challenges of our civilization.
The ever-growing stream of waste produced in various industrial installations,
as well as municipal waste and increasing air pollution, all require the development
and implementation of new and effective solutions.

We have developed a number of innovative technologies
based on the use of microwave energy on an industrial scale.
They enable the efficient utilisation of various wastes in thermal processes
and the purification of gases from various pollutants at relatively small process costs.

Key benefits of the technology:

The possibility of "non-contact" heating of various materials to a high temperature, up to 1000-1200°C.
The thermally treated materials (waste) are directly heated with microwave energy without
the need to heat up the walls of the process chamber.

The entire volume of the waste is heated, which means that there is no effect of local incomplete heating
of part of the utilised waste. We achieved temperature constancy by using a special system
of many microwave radiators and by moving the waste inside the rotating drum.

The unique ability to accurately control and stabilize the reactor temperature
by adjusting the power of the microwave generators.

The process can be conducted in a controlled atmosphere. In the case of waste incineration,
it is possible to introduce hot air, and in the process of gasification of the waste, the process
can be carried out with a controlled "deficiency" of oxygen.

Very short time needed to start up the installation and achieve the required optimal process parameters.

Utilisation installations can be installed inside standard containers so that they can be moved to waste sites.
This eliminates the need for hazardous waste transportation.

Microwave Thermal Treatment
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